20 Year Wet Area Guarantee

Introducing the Wedi Shower System

Wedi is the first full shower system that has achieved CodeMark certification in Australia with a 10 year warranty – from one manufacturer. Because of our qualifications and experience, we are one of just a few bathroom renovators in the whole of Australia that are able to offer 10 additional years, which is offering a huge 20 year guarantee (we put this all in writing in our no obligation quotation).

We are able to provide a 20 year wet area guarantee because of the Wedi systems that we use.  Because of our qualifications with Wedi, we are one of a few bathroom renovators in Melbourne that can offer a 20 year wet area guarantee. Most other bathroom renovators and builders in Melbourne can only offer a 10 year wet area guarantee. 

Wedi is naturally water and mould proof throughout the entire core thickness of wedi material. Wedi has a strong backing performance in 10 mm on walls – yet flexibility sufficient to protect from tile cracking.

Wedi is a modular system installation process which allows successful waterproofing and visual inspection prior to tiling.

With the Wedi system, there is no risk of cracks and/or pinholes as there is with the liquid waterproofing membranes that is usually installed with other systems and bathroom renovators.

The Wedi system has no risk of delamination/bond failures as with other liquid waterproofing membranes.

With the Wedi system, the total Installation time is 3 hours to be ready for tile vs. 5 days of installation and drying times with other bathroom installations, which makes your bathroom renovation with Professional Bathrooms quicker.

The Wedi system also confines all installation/cutting/mixing work to the immediate shower area, which reduces mess and dust in your home. We use the Wedi system because it is the best product on the market. It is widely used all around the world, particularly in Germany, where it is made.

Examples of projects that used the Wedi Shower System

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