A bit about us…

At Professional Bathrooms we have over 20 years of experience, and we have worked in 100’s of homes. This means, there is not much we have not seen, done, and been successful with, when it comes to bathroom renovations. We are fully registered with the highest possible domestic builders licence, which is an ‘Unlimited Domestic Builders Licence’, registration number CDB-U 64138.

With over 20 years of experience, we have learned that to get you the best customer service and bathroom renovation possible, it is really important to have strict processes and quality control measures, at every step of the way.

That is why we were the trusted builders of the winner of Channel 9’s the Block in 2018, Melbourne, Australia.

All our work is quality guaranteed, and because of our licences and insurances, all our work must comply with council, building, insurance and legal regulatory requirements.

Our highest values and mission at Professional Bathrooms are excellence at every stage in both our customer service and the bathrooms we build and renovate.

Our Values

Below are just some of the things we do, the values we have and the procedures we put in place, to make sure you get your dream bathroom, and not the problems that can arise from some building jobs.


With our experience, guarantees, qualifications, insurances, industry registration and licensing, you will see and have peace of mind that we do everything we can to make sure the whole experience is enjoyable for you, and remove the common risks associated with many building projects.

Fixed Price and

Over the years and after 100’s of building projects, we know that
you will not want any surprises with costs and delays. So when we
give you our no obligation quotation, it will be a fixed price and
fixed time frame. That means there will be no extra costs and delays
to complete your bathroom.
The only exception to this, is that when we remove your old
bathroom, there is structural damage from leaks. Because we are
qualified, registered and licensed builders, we can do that work for
you too. This will be your decision, and once again you will be given
a fixed price and time quotation.

No Leaks

The biggest risk with bathrooms and bathroom renovations is leaking, as it can cause serious structural damage to your home. We are one of only a few bathroom renovators in Australia that can offer you a 20 year wet area guarantee.


We only use quality products from reputable and well established suppliers. We use companies like Reece Plumbing and Wedi, who are companies that have been around for decades. This means that, in the rare case that a warranty needs to be used, you can have peace of mind that the supplier will still be in business. This is not always the case with cheaper and inferior quality products, which means you could be left with faulty products.

only not
3rd party

The only way we can make sure that the quality of your bathroom installation is at such a high standard, is because of the craftsmanship of our employees.

All of our tradesmen are fully trained and qualified employees whose number one value, goal and passion is to do the best job possible and keep you as happy as possible. This is not negotiable, and we have zero tolerance for anything less than excellence in customer service and craftsmanship.

Our standards are so high that we do not use 3rd party contractors for our day to day trade work, as 3rd party contractors will always have different priorities, clients, pressures, deadlines etc.

Even though we complete jobs quicker than many other bathroom renovators, we do not cut corners, or do anything that could compromise the quality of your bathroom renovation, and customer service.

First Class Service

We also include lots of features for you along the way so that you have the best service and experience possible. Things like we have our own app, so you can get updates 24/7, your own project manager, so you are only talking to one person etc. There are more details about our first class customer service on the services page.

Save Money
and time​

Because we are qualified, registered, licensed and fully insured builders, we can
do any other work for you, small or large, whilst we are doing your bathroom
renovation. Because it is done at the same time, it will reduce time and costs,
compared to having the extra work done at another time. So, if you want that
extra room, or want to remove a wall, or need some tiling redone, etc., we can
give you a no obligation quote on that work too.

Your Gain​

Combine this all with the pleasure you will gain from your luxurious 5 star resort styled bathroom, increase to your homes value, time and money savings from your new smart bathroom, it won’t take long before you are saying it was one of the best investment decisions you have ever made. At Professional Bathrooms, when we do your bathroom renovation, because the quality of your new bathroom is so high, and your experience, before, during and after your bathroom renovation is so pleasurable (especially compared to your experience if things go wrong with an unlicensed or unqualified bathroom renovator etc), your investment is in your health, lifestyle and home.